Each year at the annual meeting of the Staffordshire Young Labour group the membership shall elect a County Chair, a County Secretary and a County Campaigns Officer. These officers shall form the Staffordshire Young Labour Group Executive working to improve the experience of members within the party, leading campaigns selected by the membership and communicating with the main constituency parties.


Danny Walker (Rugeley BLP)

To be confirmed


Rowan Draper (Stafford CLP)

Rowan joined Labour in 2010, following the general election loss in May, keen to support a progressive party, standing up for fairness and social justice and to return Labour to government.

Since joining the party he has served Stafford CLP as their youth and students’ officer and was elected to Stafford Borough Council in May 2011. He outlined the key areas where he wanted to improve Staffordshire Young Labour; making sure members are active members of the party, to be ready to stand for elected office and ensuring they aren’t just footsoldiers; building and understanding the personal identity of our CLPs through organising regular campaign sessions, debates and socials across the county; and by performing to expectations and getting Labour representatives elected.

Campaigns Officer

Carrie Martin (Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP)

A Labour Party member since she was 15. For almost ten years, she has campaigned hard for our candidates at all levels and has held a number of posts at Keele Labour Students and Stoke Central CLP.

2008-2010 she was chair of Keele Labour Students. Since 2010 she has served as campaigns officer in Stoke Central. I have represented my local party at City-wide board meetings, been delegated to Labour Group at the City Council. She was also agent and played the lead organising role in Tristram Hunt’s successful parliamentary election campaign, and acted as agent for the Council candidates we stood in Stoke’s local elections last year. Throughout this time and since she has organised numerous campaign days and have not failed to hit the contact targets for our constituency. In the two years, our approach to campaigning has seen the contact rate jump from just 2% to 20%.

It is this pro-active approach that is core of what Staffs Young Labour does. At a time when the Tory-led government is stealing the future of young people, it is not enough for us to sit back and wait for them to come to us. For a number of reasons, politics as a whole is not seen as relevant to or is, at worst, alien to the lives of young workers and students. Therefore, we need to go to them. We must re-win the trust of people let down by workfare, unemployment, scrapping of the EMA, and the tripling of tuition fees.


Supporting these officers will be the leaders of each Branch executive who will be elected at an annual meeting of the Staffordshire Young Labour North or South branch. The membership shall elect a Branch Chair, a Branch Secretary and a Branch Campaigns Officer.

North Branch is made up of the following Constituency Labour Parties: Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire Moorlands, Stoke Central, Stoke North, Stoke South and Stone CLP.

Chair: To Be Confirmed

Secretary: To Be Confirmed

Campaigns Officer: To Be Confirmed

South Branch is made up of the following Constituency Labour Parties: Burton, Cannock Chase, Lichfield, Stafford, South Staffs, Tamworth.

Chair: Charlotte Hale (South Staffs CLP)

Secretary: Rowan Draper (Stafford CLP)

Campaigns Officer: Tom Davall (Stafford CLP)

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