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Michael Cashman launches Staffordshire Young Labour

Members of Young Labour from across Staffordshire met today in the county town of Stafford to forge a dynamic and new bond that will see them leading Staffordshire with Labour values.

Michael Cashman MEP, for the West Midlands, spoke at the event and discussed a number of topics including the benefits of the European Union on the #LabourDoorstep as the Coalition Government draws close to debating whether to fund a third national vote  since writing the coalition agreement, having already funded the referendum on the Alternative Vote and the timetabled Police and Crime Commissioners for November 2012.

The event also enabled elections of the County-wide Officers who will lead and support Young Labour:

Chair – Danny Walker

Secretary – Rowan Draper

Campaigns Officer – Carrie Martin

The new team outlined their vision for Staffs Young Labour and how they were going to achieve it before launching their social media tools on Twitter, Email and this website to the membership.

The final debate of the day included the priority campaign for the next 12 months and members decided that they wanted to support the Labour Students campaign for the Living Wage in the county currently being toured around Universities by former Foreign Secretary Rt. Hon David Miliband MP for South Shields.

Before closing the event members shared local musical delicacies that show the pride for their town and city. We thought we’d post them here to ensure all our Staffs Young Labour members got a chance to see them:

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